BarnesCo Inc.


 - Train your Most Valuable Assets on our new training tower.
Now Available!
-Hands on training at BarnesCo Inc.


Six hours of training includes:
  • Fundamentals and proper operation of a cage manlift.
  • Examples on how to properly lubricate parts of a cage manlift.
  • Examples of how governor and safeties work on a cage manlift. (Inertia test)
  • See how a cage manlift operates. (Drive, car, counterweight)
  • General Service and maintenance on a cage manlift. 
For more information, pricing, and scheduling contact BarnesCo Inc.


Training Tower Specifications:
  • 500 lb capacity car with slide gate
  • 36 ft tall elevator tower assembly
  • BarnesCo hoistway doors with interlock
  • Continuous pressure controller with soft start
  • BarnesCo drive assembly with sheave gripper
  • Car and counterweight buffer spring
  • 8 lb car tee rails
  • 6 lb counterweight tee rails
  • BarnesCo adjustable rail brackets
  • Governor with safety switch
  • BarnesCo governor cable take up
  • Electrical Traveling Cable
  • 3/8" 8 x 19 hoist and governor cable

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