BarnesCo Inc.


Do you inspect?

    -Yes, we do inspections on cage manlifts, belt manlifts and hand powered manlifts. 

Am I required to have my cage manlift inspected?

    -Yes, per A17.1 Sec. 5.7 (Special Purpose Elevators) cage manlifts are to be inspected at 6 month intervals and weight tested every 60 months.

Am I required to have my belt manlift inspected?

    -Yes, belt manlifts per A90.1 are to be inspected and weight tested annually.

What does an annual belt manlift inspection consist of?

    -200 lbs per step in both the up and down direction to test gearbox and brake. 50 lb test of both upper and lower dropouts. 300 lb test on hand holds.

Do you install?

    -Yes, we install cage manlifts, belt manlifts and elevator tower hoistways.

How far do you travel?

    - We travel all throughout the United States. Give us a call for a quote.

What are your office hours?

    - Our office hours are from 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Central time.

Are you insured?

    -Yes, we would be happy to forward a copy of our insurance upon your request.

Where are you located?

    - We are located in Arkansas City, KS. Actually, east of Ark City 4 miles on HWY 166. Turn right on 101st rd, located a half mile on 101st rd on the east side of the road.

Do you work on hand powered lifts?

    -We do not work on hand powered lifts, but we do furnish hard to find parts and do inspections.

Do you have an onsite manlift?

    - Yes, we have an onsite 500 lb capacity cage manlift with a tower hoistway assembly.

What type of warranty do you have on your equipment?

    - We have a one year warranty on all major parts.

Are inspections sales tax exempt?

    - Yes, inspections are sales tax exempt.

Is the inspection cost deducted from the quotes?

    - Yes, if the quote is accepted the cost of the inspection will be deducted from the cost of the quote.


To: Whom it may concern

From: Larry Miller

Subject: Manlift and Caged Manlift, Installation and Maintenance

Larry Miller's Qualifications:                 QEI qualified inspector # 1225
                                                            35 years of Manlift Maintenance at MillerCoors
                                                            in Golden, Colorado, on 47 manlifts. 
                                                            Over seeing new manlift installations,
                                                            worked with Larry and Zach Barnes on:
                                                            Installation of new manlifts,
                                                            Maintenance concerns on existing manlifts 
                                                            A90.1 Code committee concerns

     I have had the opportunity to know and work with Larry and Zach for many years. They are second to none in their knowledge of manlifts. Their concern with details and the customer satisfaction is outstanding. Their knowledge and experience on the National Manlift code committee, A90.1, speaks for itself.
    What impressed me the most about them and their company is their genuine desire to give their customer what they ask for. If something was slightly out of tolerance and I asked them to adjust it, they would do it with no questions asked.

    The other thing that impressed me was that they also would advise me, and MillerCoors, if we were over looking something "per code". At that time, we would almost always do what they suggested. 

    I want to take this opportunity to recommend BarnesCo for installation, maintenance, testing, and inspections of manlifts and caged manlifts. You will find no one better.

    Feel free to call me anytime.
    Home: 303-420-4368
    Cell: 303-917-1563

Sincerely, Larry Miller

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