BarnesCo Inc.



  • Controller                        
  • Ask for options

  • Drive unit

Sheave Gripper


  • Counterweight

    • Guide rails
    - 8 lb Tee Rails for Car
    - 6 lb Tee rails for Counterweight

    • Governor 
    • Safety switch
    -Tripping Spd: 175 FPM
    - Pull through: 300 lb
    - 3/8" Cable
    - NEMA 9 Switch


    • Governor Cable Take-Up
    -3/8" Cable
    - 8" Sheave
    • Governor Cable
    • Hoist cables


  • Car and Counterweight 
  • Buffer Springs
    • Hoistway Doors
    Swing Door or Slide gate
    Solid Door with Window

    Belt Manlifts:

    -Wherever Fast and Economical Transportation is required for employees, our belt manlift is the answer.

    -Competitive price, designed to fit, built with quality, quick and dependable delivery and operation.

    -Designed & Manufactured Per A90.1 Am. Std, OSHA & All Local Safety Codes for manlifts.

    -All manlift safety features are standard equipment. No extra accessories to purchase.

    -Complete assembly prints and installation and maintenance manual furnished with each manlift.

    Elevator Tower Hoistways:

    - Don't have a place to put a manlift? Need a hoistway?    
            Let BarnesCo build you a Elevator Tower Hoistway.

    -Tower Built for application and cage lift capacities.
    -Tower fabricated to fit your needs.
    -Arrive in 20' sections.
    -Majority of Installation prepared before erection.
    -As many elevated platforms as required.
    -Epoxy Urathane coated for outside applications.
    -Siding available for tower.

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